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The Price Men Pay For Indifference To Public Affairs Is To Be Ruled By Evil Men
- Plato

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If we are to save this Nation, then we need men and women that are willing to place their reputation on the line and to risk their very lives to accomplish it!
  • Fair Elections
  • Parental Rights
  • Medical Freedom
  • No Critical Race Theory,  No Social Indoctrination, No  Gender  Orientation
  • Stop Human Trafficking and Sex Slavery / Secure the Border
  • Property Rights / Power Back to the States
  • No Gondola in Little Cottonwood Canyon

My opponent would have you believe that I am  “Too Conservative” to beat a “Moderate Democrat”. Yes, I do believe in the issues listed above, in the United States Constitution, as well as the Republican  party platform and if that is considered to be “too Conservative”, then so be it! The reality is, we need to elect individuals that stand firmly against the Leftist agenda and their extreme liberal ideologies, we cannot continue to placate and appease them. Otherwise, we will continue down the slippery slope that put us where we are today, teetering on the edge of losing our freedom forever.  I BELIEVE IN LIBERTY, FREEDOM AND TO PLACE TRUST IN GOD, NOT TRUST IN GOVERNMENT! STAND WITH ME.

The great State of Utah has generally been recognized for its high moral and ethical standards. In reality the facts suggest something quite different. It is not right, that following the 2020 election cycle,  new comprehensive voting laws were not passed.  It is a disgrace to our state that Critical Race Theory and Sexual Orientation / Reorientation is being taught to our young children in public schools. We have in our elected officials, both Democrat and Republican, at the Federal and State level, individuals that do not represent the standards and ideologies that we have entrusted and elected them to uphold. It is absolutely unacceptable that human trafficking and sexual slavery exist in this nation and in this state when we do have the ability to do something about it.  Utah should be leading the nation in eradicating these atrocities!


About Steve Aste

We all want our leaders to possess common sense, but if we want to save our nation we need boldness, fearlessness and tenacity!,

I was born in Bountiful, Utah and raised by a single mom with 5 children. She was forced onto welfare to feed and house her children. I am so proud that she decided to educate herself, remove herself off the welfare roles and find employment. (She was Secretary to  the Administrator of the Primary Children’s Hospital for 25 years.) I believe that it was by her example, my siblings and I learned to work hard at an early age.

As for me, I started my own construction company while working my way through the University of Utah, studying philosophy. That small construction company quickly grew to a significant General Contracting company, which eventually led to several Real Estate Development projects. I currently own a business that provides services to apartment and condominium communities. I have always been willing to put my hand to any type of work, as necessity has dictated to provide for my family and get the job done.

While in the General Contracting business, I employed as many as 50 employees and through my Real Estate Development projects have been responsible for the creation of hundreds of jobs. I believe in self sufficiency, however, I also understand the need for a hand up on occasion. My current service oriented businesses provide entry level jobs for High School and College students as well as for the more skilled technicians. I believe the right way to help people is to mentor and teach them. I truly believe that giving of oneself, time and resources is the best gift we can provide to others, and by doing so, we bring satisfaction, happiness and sense of purpose to ourselves.

I enjoy spending time with my family, mountain biking, hiking, fly-fishing, going off road in my Jeep, skiing, MMA and a multitude of other activities. 

Why Steve Aste

Appeal to Heaven Flag- Washington knew that he must Appeal to Heaven to beat the Mighty British Military

I am willing to fight like hell to save this Nation and our State! I have had quite enough of the lies, deception, greed and of the tyrants that seek power for themselves and their elitist friends! And because I’m going beat Gay Lynn Bennion and take back for the Republicans what has been controlled for 31 years by the Democrats

Like many of you, I have been frustrated, disillusioned and quite honestly, horrified by the state of affairs in our great nation, and I know that the State of Utah has played a key role in this. I have always taken part in our elections, both nationally and locally, and most of the time I feel like I have been forced to choose from the lesser of two evils. What infuriates me the most, is that many of our elected Republicans have clearly not stood for the principles that we as conservatives believe in. We know this is true, due to the position that we as a nation now find ourselves in. If they had fought like they should have we simply would not be where we are today. The Democrats have gone so far to the Left, that it is beyond any concept of reason, logic or in many cases, decency: One of the examples of which we are all so very familiar with and horrified by,  is the killing of babies up to 1 months after birth! With Ideologies such as Critical Race Theory (CRT), that want us to believe that if we are of white skin color then we are inherently racist, the irony is that CRT is one of the single most racist ideologies ever. Are those that are proponents of such notions completely unaware of the hypocrisy, or do they just not care?

We need Republicans with spine, grit and with the intestinal fortitude to stand up to the liberal agenda and say NO, NOT ON OUR WATCH! I will fight for our children and grandchildren until my dying breath!

Salt Lake County Republican
House District 41 and 46

June 2, 2022

KBJA Talk Radio
Talk with Jon Radio Podcast with Steve Aste

June 7, 2022
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Election Integrity

As Citizens of this great Nation, we must have full confidence in our elections. Since the Election in 2020 there has been a great deal of concern regarding election integrity and fraud. This is not about Trump, rather, this is entirely about whether we the people can trust our voting systems and that every possible safeguard is put in place to ensure accurate tabulation of our ballots.

Here in Utah, in the 2022 legislative session when Election Integrity House Bill 371was introduced, one prominent legislator was quoted as saying “I cannot believe this is even being discussed, this legislative body is above reproach” NO legislative body or branch of government is above reproach! House Bill 371 was a common sense approach to help reduce the possibility of cheating in our election process. The Bill included provisions such  as; showing proof of identity, that the primary source for voting should be in person with paper ballots, with special provisions for the disabled, the military and absentee voters. It stated, that if we are to have drop boxes, then at a minimum they should be monitored by cameras. The Bill would have outlawed Ballot harvesting, What is ballot harvesting? Check out this example: In 2020, in the state of Georgia, Democrats would go to Retirement Homes, Assisted Living facilities and apartment buildings and gather ballots from the elderly, disabled or the mentally incapacitated, these harvesters would then fill in the ballots as they saw fit, favoring their own candidates with no regard for the residents wishes, they would then stuff the ballot boxes with these and other fraudulent ballots. House Bill 371 was NOT even seriously considered for a vote here in Utah! Shame on our legislature for ignoring this fundamental right. Why is the County Clerks office fighting tooth and nail to deny GRAMA requests for the voting data, so we the people of Utah can find out what happened here? If there is nothing to hide then why not provide the data?


Tap or Click the button to View the full text of HB 371, Voting Regulations (Filed March 4, 2022 by Phil Lyman)

Click the button for Dinesh D’Souza’s Election Corruption Documentary!  Get your Tickets!

Federal vs States Rights

An Argument for a Convention of States

Following the Revolutionary war, the States held all the power. Collectively, the States assembled to create a national government, however, they only gave this new “Federal” government a limited degree of authority. This included functions that the States could not efficiently perform individually, such as establishing a military force, regulating interstate commerce and creating a common monetary system.

This authority was established and written in Article I. The States retained all other powers, yes, all of them, for their individual governance. It was only a short two years later, that the Bill of Rights or the first ten amendments were added to the Constitution to ensure the stringent limitations on the newly formed Federal government. Our forefathers knew of the threat of an overreaching national authority and the Constitution was their way of protecting the States and individual rights.

Since that time, Utahns, like all Americans, have seen an unconstitutional and unprecedented expansion in stature and authority of this Federal government. We have seen ever increasing instances of overreach and intrusions into the affairs and matters that were expressly reserved to the States. We have stood idly by and done nothing as the Federal government’s out of control and dangerous levels of spending and borrowing have bloated our government, which has turned into the monstrosity that it is today.

Any and all efforts to restrict the Federal spending,  reduce the national debt and to stop the ever increasing bureaucracy have repeatedly been shot down by Democrats and Republicans alike.


Here in Utah, as well as nationally, our education system and schools have been taken over by far left liberal ideology. NO Critical Race Theory, AKA Social Emotional Learning or Sexual Orientation / Reorientation ideology should be taught by our teachers in any of our schools!  I will NOT coddle and placate these liberal ideologies. These are parental decisions and belong in the HOME, not in the classroom! It is incomprehensible that our legislature, our school boards and quite honestly, we as parents have let this sickness creep into our young children’s education. A grandparent of an Alta High School student recently reported, that at the beginning of each semester the students are asked which gender do they wish to be referred to as! QUIT MESSING WITH OUR CHILDREN!! I WILL NO LONGER TOLERATE THIS.

Our schools must function as an institution that teaches the skills that are necessary in life to survive and to thrive. The subject matter should consist of Reading, Writing, Mathematics, Science, Financial Literacy and History, real history and not some fabricated notion based on lies in order to push a certain leftist social agenda. Our schools are social propaganda institutions that teach our children to hate one another and are very polarizing. STAND WITH ME. THIS MUST STOP NOW!

More of the funding for our schools needs to actually be   utilized in the classroom,  to give our teachers pay raises and not to support more and more bureaucracy. Every year the number of unnecessary bureaucrats increase, this funding needs to go toward direct educational uses and not more social workers, therapists and paper shufflers.


We need to defund the US Department of Education and bring these decisions to the local level where they belong

Property Rights


Our government is continually devising ways to diminish our property rights, resulting in maximization of governmental power and in the reduction of our property rights. We should not allow the government and its bureaucrats the flexibility to determine our personal property rights at their whim! Individual property owners should have the right to utilize their property as they so choose, so long as by such usage it does not infringe on other peoples rights. We must be mindful that if we expect to build a ranch in downtown Manhattan it likely would not happen and furthermore would not make any sense. We have a certain responsibility to understand the nature of the property and surroundings in which we choose to purchase property.

Gay Lynn Bennion was the Chief Sponsor of HB 407 that would limit the use of your personal property and transfer these rights into the hands of our government. We need less government intrusion into our lives, not more. We must bring the power back to local governments and to the individual


There is  much more to learn concerning the origins of Covid-19 and whether or not it was intentionally released on the world. Each day more and more information is becoming available. Regardless of its origins and irrespective if there was evil intent, under no circumstance should the Government, State or Federal, have any say as to the health matters of the individual, that is why HIPA was made law. Our government has overstepped their constitutional bounds with these mask mandates and vaccination requirements. The government has zero right to tell you to wear a mask and they have no authority to shut down businesses, schools and churches. There certainly are instances where a mask would be appropriate such as a hospital setting or a nursing home, but this should be handled by the individual (private) institutions that run such facilities.

The Covid-19 vaccines are by definition not even vaccines. Rather, they are nothing more than experimental trials of rdna molecules and spike proteins and how they will affect the human body both short and long term are yet to be fully determined. It has become quite evident that those that received the “Vaccine” have still contracted Covid-19. It is clear to me that the government, CDC and World Health Organization has been less than truthful with the people.

The Utah legislature had the opportunity to put in place, with HB 30, restrictions on what the government can and cannot do relative to mandating vaccines and vaccine passports. They failed to act on this measure thereby doing the citizens of Utah a great disservice. We need legislators that will stand up, be bold and do the right thing for the people. These measures should have been passed as law but unfortunately they were not.

Border Security

The Biden Administration  sure seems more concerned about the Ukrainian border than the southern border of the United States. It actually doesn’t just seem that way, it is that way. Since the Biden Administration took office just over 1 year ago, the United States has seen an influx of over 1 million illegal immigrants come into country through our southern border. If it seems intentional that’s because it is. With such abhorrent policy, the President that has sworn, first and foremost to protect the citizens of this nations has been derelict in his most important duty. He has placed the security of this nation at risk, he has placed the good men and women of the border patrol at risk and he has placed every man, woman and child at risk. These are OUR children. As an addition, we have no idea how many  terrorists are funneling in with intent to do the citizens of this nation harm, and oh yes, Biden and his crew have placed a substantial financial burden on an already overburdened taxpayer.

While the vast majority of the illegal immigrants are simply trying to find a better life for themselves and their families, there are a significant number of drug traffickers, human traffickers and sex slaves piling into the country as well.  There is no question that illegal immigration in this country is a complex issue, but it is an issue that cannot and will not be solved until we stop the flow of in migration. This means we must finish the wall and gain control.

As mentioned, with open borders comes this reality, a significant portion of the drugs, the human trafficking and the sexual slavery finds its way north to the state of Utah

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